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"I don't know how to love a place..."

Andrea Coltman

​Andrea Coltman has always felt displaced. Her family escaped from Hungary in 1956. Belonging nowhere, she is a nomadic observer drawn to capturing snapshots of transitional locations through painting, She was initially inspired by The Dutch Masters as a young child. 


Absorbed with the notion of places and spaces of transition, Andrea’s works questions places of constant transformation drawing on her own movements. There are connections and disconnections revealing a state of flux, the crossing of physical and metaphorical boundaries, discovering places of change whilst the artist moves between material, physical and emotional states. 

Often combining figuration and abstraction, Andrea responds to the passer-by and the environment. She frequently adds hi-vis linear systems, editing, re-editing, duplicating, interpreting, and re-interpreting the literal context is part of her process. The use of repetition in the work is thematic, alluding to the cyclical nature of her daily life. Precision is implied, imperfections arise, and unexpected narratives unravel with dystopian overtones. 

Andrea reflects psychologically on the everyday, overlooked instant or object. She is drawn to the ephemeral, the split second, a passage through a place or environment. The artist is a rootless wanderer, and wonderer’ a 21st Century Flâneuse.

Andrea graduated with an MFA from UAL in 2017 and is based in London and Kent.

Andrea and her studio dogs

Brief Bio...

Andrea Coltman was born in Croydon, a place she has always felt displaced from. Her family escaped  from Hungary during the aborted 1956 Hungarian Uprising. Her whole life has been overshadowed by her family history which has greatly impacted on her art practice.

Having always been creative her career began as a Graphic Designer. After her children left school she began to persue her artistic practice, receiving her BA(Hons) Fine Art in 2013 and subsequently an MFA in 2017 from UAL.


Andrea works in London and in her home in rural Kent.  



The following testimonials are from artists who participated in the CWND Artist Residency I facilitated and led from 2014-2017 on a building Site with Canary Wharf, London UK and others.

"The 2017 CWND residency managed to be nurturing and supportive and at the same time exciting and stimulating. We were treated to a rich programme of talks and visits devised by Andrea. These provided a great springboard into exploring our practices in this new context. A highlight was sharing the experience with a group of highly committed and enthusiastic artists with an array of backgrounds who have now become friends and colleagues. 

One thing I thought that is really special about the residency is, because it is run by a practicing artist, you know it takes time for ideas to develop and there may be detours along the way. I found this a very compassionate approach which helps bring out the best in participants."

Carolyn Morris, Artist, UK, CWND Resident,2017

"It's been nearly a decade since I met Andrea in a tiny gallery in Tunbridge Wells. I can still remember her intelligence and passion for her work. We've long lost touch but thanks to the magic of the internet, I've kept tabs on what she's doing. I've watched her mature into a strong a compelling artist who's worth watching."

Crista Cloutier, The Artist Whisperer, 2023

"The CWND residency was a really positive experience for me. Having recently completed my MA and missing the structure of art college I was delighted to find myself among a diverse community of amazing artists. Under Andrea's expert leadership and with input from extremely high calibre guest speakers I found a fertile and creative space to reflect on and develop my practice. I would highly recommend it."


Fiona G. Roberts, Artist, UK Resident 2016/2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the residency which was well planned and run in an efficient and friendly manner by Andrea; the facilitator. My practice benefitted hugely from being there and interacting with a diverse group of other artists. There is a good mix of talks and activities arranged but obviously time to work either on your own or with others both on or off the site. I personally started seeing connections with another member of the residency group which has led to an ongoing collaboration. Moreover I built up a photo archive which continues to inform my work.
I would definitely recommend the residency even if you are not studying 'the urban environment' as I am. The location is very interesting psychologically, politically, historically and from a human relations perspective too".     

Jane Pickersgill, Artist, UK, CWND Resident 2017

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 12.47.12.png

"Last September I had the pleasure of meeting a group of artists at the New District Residency in Canary Wharf. I was warmly welcomed into the group where I got to participate in a workshop ‘Getting Started’ which was held by guest artists Mark Goldby and Neil Kelso. The workshop was about collaborations, working with limitations, and different ways to communicate as an artists and with artists. The day overall was entertaining, and very informative. A fantastic day, with vibrant creatives."

Jasz Palmer, BA Illustration Student, UK Visiting Guest 2017

‘It is my first time to join art residency programme and it is brilliant. Not only have I strengthened my art practice, but also met some new artists to built up the network.’

Monique Wan, Artist, Hong Kong Resident 2017

"The Canary Wharf New District Artist Residency was the first residency that I have participated in. My experience positively contributed to my artistic practice, because it took place during an important transitional period in my art career. I was departing from an academic environment to explore the Art World and find my place within it. In the residency, I was a part of a wonderful group of artists that provided a supportive atmosphere that encouraged discussion, experimentation and creation. The weekly events were diverse and interesting in a way that inspired me to explore possibilities in my practice that I may have otherwise never considered.

The location of the residency also had a great impact, dictating the media I chose to work in, what subject to capture and how I approached my artwork. It also made me aware of issues such as the division of social class, city expansion and the environmental impact as well as how the artist is viewed in the modern world and our social responsibilities. Based on my experience on this residency, I would definitely consider applying to more residencies in the future, as a way to enrich and advance my art practice."  

Sarah Hawley, Artist,Ontario, Canada Resident 2017

"It's a great residency for meeting new people and building your connections.
People are friendly, no pressure.
Overall is such a unique experience as it's a construction site in Canary Wharf.
Lectures are very useful.
The canteen is great, food is cheap and big portion.
Really enjoying to vist Docklands Museum and One Canada Square for local history."

Yuyang Pang, Artist, China Resident 2017

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