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I don't know how to love a place...

Following the summer shows and residencies I faciltated, a show for the CWND Artist Residency in October 2018 at

no format Gallery, Deptford SE8 5JB

We were also invited by Canary Wharf Arts & Events to show work in their

Community Gallery Window, Jubilee walk, Canada Place, Canary Wharf

Then in November we were also invited to relocate the show to:

Streets of Growth, 30 Marsh Wall, London 

This was a charity niminated by Canary Wharf that we supported and raised over £1000 through a donation bar and an Art Fundraiser.


From May 2018 I began working at Koppel Project Hive, Holborn Viaduct and ran a three week residency at Canary Wharf:

I als participated in a week long residency at Sidney Nolan Trust, Rodd Farm followed by a two week residency in Koppel Project Hive Gallery.

Koppel Summer Residency

“I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination.
We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces.” – Do Ho Suh

A series of works exploring themes of displacement, psychogeography, non place and interstice, where, again there are repetitions of past depictions reimagined.

The fluorescent orange line alludes to connections and disconnections. Using hi vis also refers to the idea that wearing clothing of this nature is the best way to disappear in a crowd.

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