1st Decemberember 2015 - 27th February 2016

Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent


On 23rd November 2015 I was emailed by Rebecca Hone, curator of Mascall’s Gallery, Paddock Wood, announcing that I had been selected with nineteen other artists for the Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum (SVAF) Open Call 2015 to show at the Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks Library, Kent from 1st December 2015 – 30th January 2016. This was particularly exciting as I had never met or had contact with Rebecca before although I had previously been selected for SVAF open in 2013.                                         


The submission was open to all members of SVAF and there was a huge response to the call. I was delighted as the two pieces I submitted were from my series “Second Hand Smoke.” This body of work looks at my family history. The two pieces were portraits of my late parents who, as young children, had survived The Holocaust in their motherland of Hungary and were ‘Hidden Children.’ So not necessarily uplifting pieces. However, the threads of the show were about family, memory and familiarity.


This show was curated solely by Rebecca Hone. It was fascinating to see how my paintings were hung in relation to the other artists work and to the space. The fact that the two paintings were hung facing away from each other implied that they were not necessarily a familiar couple and had no dialogue as such. This was far removed from fact but I could understand the decision, as they may have just appeared to be too familiar if hung the other way around.


Reflections: I am satisfied that my pictures did not look out of place in the gallery space. I received very positive feedback over the visual strength and power of the paintings. I do however feel that the process in the painting of my mother is better executed than that of my father. Time dependent I would look to refine the latter by recreating it.

Work in situ at Kaleidoscope Gallery,  Sevenoaks Library, Kent

From left to right:

"Remember Me - Hidden Child of The Holocaust - Erika Aged 72", Oil on linen, 100 x 100 x 2cm; "Remember Me - Hidden Child of The Holocaust - Peter Aged 76", Oil on linen, 100 x 120 x 2 cm

On January 7th 2016, I was invited, with other exhibiting artists to give a brief introduction to myself and my work to the SVAF members. Here's a review that a visitor from Birmingham wrote in a-n magazine                           


Following on from this I was invited to give a full artist talk on 4th February 2016. I had to submit an overview for the SVAF monthly newlsetter.

Installation shot at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks Library, Kent