I don't know how to love a place...


Andrea Coltman has always felt displaced. Belonging nowhere she is a nomadic observer drawn to capturing snapshots of transitional locations through painting.


Absorbed with the notion of places and spaces of transition Coltman has considered the viewable environment and how that relates to Modernism, Geometry, Edges of Portraiture, Architecture, Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. Her works question places of constant transformation drawing on her own movements, and journeys that intersect with passageways. There are connections yet there is disconnect revealing a state of flux, the crossing of physical and metaphorical boundaries, discovering places of transformation whilst moving between material, physical and emotional states. 


Pigments are applied, re-imagined situations and objects are then interrupted and often decontextualized by the addition of minimal bright colours combining figuration and abstraction. Andrea responds to the passer-by, the environment, linear forms including those from construction sites, factual newspaper headlines, re-imagined captions, as well as images from the tabloids.


Editing, re-editing, duplicating, interpreting, and re-interpreting the literal context is part of Andrea’s process. Repetition is thematic alluding to the cyclical nature of her daily life. Precision is implied, imperfections arise, and unexpected narratives unravel with dystopian overtones. 


Andrea reflects psychologically to the everyday overlooked instant or object. She is drawn to the ephemeral, the split second, a passage through a place or environment. Coltman is a rootless wonderer, a 21st Century Flâneuse.


Andrea is a London and Kent based artist who graduated with an MFA from UAL, London.


“I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination.

We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces.” – Do Ho Suh