Interventions, Group Show 30th August - 11th September 2016


This was a self -initiated group show that I organised and project managed. Initially I had to submit a proposal to Lewisham Arthouse. I then invited a number of other artists from my MFA peer group. 

The artists were required to submit a proposal before I chose them. I knew that the space was well regarded and therefore desirable. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the MFA course, it was really difficult to get things organised as it was such a problematic, disjointed term. This meant organising many things remotely and so it became quite demanding from my perspective in having to take on so many roles as I had not got a full compliment of artists from the outset. It also became slightly problematic from other aspects as, amongst a myriad of other tasks, I had to create the identity, write and submit a press release before we had a group chat. However, the words were written in such a way that it was quite loose and all the artists were able submit their own words to describe their practice.

In many ways our work had already had obvious some overlappings which was also part and parcel of my rationale in my invitations to participate. I had asked for an outline of what work each artist foresaw creating and was looking for a diverse range of practices. In my submitted proposal to Lewisham I had to come up with a show title and this I felt was more about how our work would create a dialogue in the space rather than a thematic, hence 'Interventions'.

Skill Sets required for this project:

    • Project Management

    • Administration

    • Negotiation

    • Research

    • Analysis

    • Communication

    • Presentation

    • Problem Solving and Resilience

    • Personal and Professional Development

    • Collaboration

    • Curation 

    • Technical Skills

    • Time Management

    • Logistics

    • Finance

    • Working Automonously

    • Marketing


I find it really hard to delegate and find it much easier to get on and do than sit and wait for deadlines to elapse. There are times when I feel being too diligent and compliant works against me. My professional integrity was on the line. Decisions and deadlines needed to be made and adhered to.

I was challenged over the press release and the design of the poster. It appeared that some of the artists were adamant that they wanted to disregard this as an external, public facing, professional project but an extension of the MFA course. That said I had added the UAL Wimbledon College of Art logo to the marketing material, which was an error and could have implicated student status. Perhaps this was unnecessary.

Communication was problematic, as was compliance, for example not sticking to initial proposals and not having the consideration or professionalism to communicate those with me. One artist did not have the work on the day of installation and another artist took work away before the end of the show. I question is it because I am their peer and so deemed unimportant in status. When I asked for help and information on may occasions I got deafening silence. I will rethink how I approach such opportunities going forward.


On a positive this was an outwardly successful show with a lot of very positive feedback