'Beyond the Image' Group Show 17th - 22nd May 2016

Espacio Gallery, London

This was an open call submission curated by Carlos de Lins. The call was for works that investigated what lies before and inbetween the creative process rather than focusing on the final work. The exhibition was aimed at engaging the viewers at a different level, inviting them inside the creative process and encouraging an active engagement with the work. With eighteen artists involved and a wide breadth of disciplines the show was really dynamic. I felt that Carlos was experienced and very focused on how he wanted to curate the show. 

It was a really exciting experience to work with a new set of artists some of whom had never exhibited before. There was a wide breadth of practices and interpretations to the open call outlines. All the artists were very generous and easy to get along with which is always an encouraging place.

The private view was the most dynamic reception I have ever been involved in and I can only put this down to the wealth of experience, professional nature and network that has grown out all these assets.

    • Administration

    • Research

    • Negotiation

    • Analysis

    • Communication

    • Personal and Professional Development

    • Collaboration  

    • Technical Skills

    • Time Management

    • Invigilation

    • Working Automonously

Espacio Gallery

Beyond the Image 2016



This was a real joy to be part of a professionally led exhibition. The Curator was experienced and this shone through in how everyone collaborated reacted and worked together. Despite being very clear in his vision the curator was also willing to negotiate when artists asked to move from their allocated spaces. I felt that Carlos was firm, fair and incredibly well organised. Generally there was a mutual respect and these dynamics all worked tightly together to create a vibrant and exciting show.

Communication was clear and comprehensive all the way.